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Solar Floodlight with Motion Sensor

Solar Floodlight with Motion Sensor

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2 in 1 Solar Light & Security Dummy Camera.

Keep your home property safe and intruders away.

With 77 bright LEDs, motion activated, sleek low profile design.

Realistic fake security camera.

2 in 1 Solar LED floodlight with 3.7V panel and realistic security camera design that will deter intruders in your home.

With 77 bright LEDs that provide powerful lighting and a motion sensor.

Built-in PIR motion sensor: The light turns on automatically when motion is detected within 10ft – 30ft and turns off after 30sec. Lighting range: 120 degrees.

With an adjustable arm to adjust the lighting point you want. Ideal to practically and economically illuminate yards, gardens, terraces, garages and any kind of outdoor space that receives sunlight.

With 3 main functions:

  • -Low light mode at night and automatic high light activation when motion is detected.
  • -Light off mode at night and turn on strong light when motion is detected
  • -Powerful lighting function that remains permanently on.

Powerful 2600mAh battery that can provide up to 10 hours of autonomy.

Solar charging offers the possibility of installation wirelessly without unnecessary cables.

IP66 level waterproof, resistant to rain and harsh weather conditions.

**It is recommended to place it in a place that receives strong sunlight. Placing in a shady place will greatly affect operation and performance.

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